Cropped Top, Colcci Fitness
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Cropped Top, Colcci Fitness Cropped Top, Colcci Fitness


This sleek crop top is perfect for your workout or daily activities. The classic white tee gets an upgrade with a custom band as its lower trim and delicate detailing up the back.


Get to Know the Brand: Colcci Fitness

Founded in 1986, Colcci takes the modern and blends with the vintage. Colcci is Brazilian fashion, attitude, and identity renewed, ready to the be used by all corners of the world. Their new, high-end fitness line is huge on functional fitness - featuring technological fabrics, vibrant colors, and a notable, fun, and distinguished design. Designed for professional or casual athletes, the Colcci Fitness collections bring features essential to the sport, such as ultra-fast drying, thermal balance and muscle tone enhancement. These qualities, in tandem with Colcci's functional and quintessential fashion touch, put this brand in high demand.

Made in Brazil


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