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Balconette Lace Suzy Bra, Belles
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Balconette Lace Suzy Bra, Belles Balconette Lace Suzy Bra, Belles


Balconette modeling bra. Lace fabric with suzy floral velvet; clasp closure with 3 adjustment levels.

Composition: Bottom: 90% Polyamide / 10% Elastane. Top: 12% Elastane / 88% Polyamide.

Get to Know the Brand: Belles

Belles has been in the market for 30 years, dedicated to providing comfort and confidence to all women, making itself present at all times of life through its lines of intimate fashion, beachwear and outerwear. Recognized for excellence in beauty and quality, it’s inspiration is found in their main goal: valuing the female body through the process of building a strong and high self-esteem for its customer. Therefore, it invests in products with exclusive details, looking for references in the most modern and innovative, with elements that are not found in any other brand in the market.

Made in Brazil

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